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Commercial Cleaning in Santa Clarita, CA

For janitorial and commercial cleaning in Santa Clarita, CA, contact B&B. Our cleaning company is ready to provide your office with quality cleaning that will leave your building spotless.

  • Toilets, Sinks, Urinals, Trash Containers, Dispensers: Soap, Towels, Tissue, & 
      Napkins, Mirrors, Chrome Hardware, Floors, Partitions, Doors, & Walls by the

  • Tile, Wood, Linoleum, Cement, Terrazzo, Rugs, & Carpets

Break Room
  • Microwave, Refrigerator, Coffee Makers, Sinks, Water Coolers, Tables, & Floors

• Waste Cans, Lamps, Chairs, Clocks, Pictures, Vents, Blinds, Fans, Mats, Drinking 
     Fountains, Light Switches, Desks, Tables, Phones, Computers, Electronic 
     Equipment, Baseboards, Door Jams, & Window


We offer commercial cleaning after hours Monday - Friday from 5pm - 3am.